These are just a few of my clients that I’ve got the pleasure of working with.

With each picture is a story of perseverance, self-acceptance, believe in something they couldn’t see yet but kept working no matter what obstacles life seemed to throw at them.

I’m so proud of all of them and I can’t wait for you to take the leap and start your transformation.

Hannah Dawson

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Before / After – Alicia
Before / After – Alicia
Before / After – Asia
Before / After – Hannah
Before / After – Bobbi
Before / After – Catherine
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Before / After – Katrina
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Before / After – Terri
Before / After – Terri
Before / After – Terri


12 Week Transformation Challenge – Testimonials

1. Physically when I first began, after the first 10 min. Of working out, I was ready to quit! Now, after the first 10 min. I’m like let’s do this! I’ve definitely built up my endurance. I feel so much stronger!

2. Mentally: This is the area that has been impacted the most. I thought that getting physically stronger would be the answer to a lot of other areas that I needed to improve. I realized that being physically strong is hard and without mental strength, it is almost impossible! I never realized how much of a mental challenge getting fit can be. I’ve learned how to talk to myself..(sounds funny) firmly when needed, to take care of my commitments, whether it’s working out, or anything else.

3. Spiritually, I’ve learned that I have to prioritize my relationship with God too. I’m so used to putting my needs behind everyone else’s and sometimes this has included my need to spend time in His presence. I wrote down in my p.m.s. goals several times to spend time in His presence. The Lord spoke to my heart and said, ” You’ve written it down, but are you doing it?” I realized how important it is not to just write things down and take a picture and post, but that those words are promises that I need to keep first to the Lord, to myself, and to my family. And time management. I’m always saying I don’t have time..but I’ve learned that yes I do..we all do. It’s the one thing everyone has, it’s all about how we spend it. I’ve also learned to make time for the things that are important. This is still a work in progress though. I’ve never been a facebook person but doing this challenge has been completely worth it!


12 Week Transformation Challenge – Testimonials

”To start with where I was 3 months ago, I was back at square one because I gave up after a month of training. And went back to my old habits eating bad, drinking, partying, giving up and telling myself lies and making excuses. Now today for the first time I was invited out for a girls night and I had no problem saying no thanks because I’m working on myself and want to reach some of my personal goals. These are distractions that I was never able to say no to before. I have quit smoking for almost 2 months I workout min 5 days a week and I eat fairly well still working on this part of my journey. I don’t feel insecure anymore and I’m able to talk about my feelings and thoughts. I finally have let god in my heart and let him be a part of this beautiful journey Of mine.”


Nutrition Coaching Testamonial

Nutrition Coaching Testamonial

I started out 2017 wanting to be in better shape and through a mutual friend I was introduced to Hannah. At first, I just thought eating better would be as far as I took it because I didn’t have a bone in my body wanting to be in a gym. Hannah made a meal plan for me which was perfect for my lifestyle and with options that I also really enjoyed eating on a daily basis. I decided to give the working out a shot and was put through the preverbal “ringer” by Hannah on our first session at her gym. I was exhausted within seconds and saw a mountain the size of Everest in front of me that I wasn’t sure I wanted to climb. Hannah sat me down, walked me through the steps we would be taking, provided a simple introductory workout plan that we both thought would be feasible for me to endure. Once the meal plan started to take action in my life I found myself with more and more energy, enough so that I was able to stop procrastinating and get myself onto the workout plan she had provided. After the first couple of days, I was a bit discouraged by my actual endurance and strength, but Hannah would check in with me every day or two to make sure I was still on track and giving me words of wisdom and motivation to keep me going. Every day it got easier, I started to enjoy the way my body and mind felt more and more after each workout. Still having the encouragement from Hannah daily and my new found energy and health, I began to really look forward to my hour at the gym each night. It’s become a bit of a lifestyle that I certain will be with me for a very long time. When Hannah gives me personal training sessions she is blown away at how far my progress has come and to be honest, so am i. Without her educated guidance and strong will to push me, I can honestly say I would not feel and look as good as I do today. In only 2 months I am down just under 20 pounds feel better than ever. I recommend Hannah to anyone and everyone who is seeking a new/fun way to make themselves happier and healthier. I can’t thank her enough!

Boot Camp Testimonials

Hannah cares very much about her clients and encourages them in every way that she can. She loves to celebrate the victories her clients achieve, whether in weight loss or in life. I greatly appreciate all that Hannah has done for me,and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future. This mixed with your own determination,and a trainer who genuinely wants to help people get fit, is the perfect recipe for success.

  After the first 8 weeks, I have noticed that I have become a stronger, better version of myself and look forward to continuing on with any class that Hannah offers.

  The atmosphere Hannah has created during our boot camp is by far the most fun exercise group I have ever been a part of.I believe this is because Hannah herself is kind, caring and has a unique way of pushing others to obtain their goals, all the while feeling like you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

 Remember to always Smile! LOL

 Thank you for being you and all that you do!!

Boot Camp Testimonials

Heading into month #3 of Hannah’s boot camp and I don’t know what I do without it! I’m motivated every class to keep coming back to test my limits. The encouragement and sincerity is heartfelt. Hannah goes out of her way to make each of us strive to reach goals. I’m never bored. Each class is different keeping you guessing what type of exercises you’ll do next. It’s always a range throughout the week so no body part is ignored! I can’t think of a better way to get fit and be active!

I Love Fitness Ministry Bootcamp!!


Boot Camp Testimonials

When I met Hannah 4 years ago I thought she was an incredibly motivated individual! She has this passion for helping people believe they can succeed. Hearing her own journey in life gave me motivation to look after my health and to learn everyone has struggles, she helped me realize we are all human. We all have good days and not so good days.

Then the day came where her and I were chatting about her starting up Bootcamp classes! I was so excited and told her to be sure to give me all the info as that was exactly what I needed.
Next thing I knew Fitness Ministry was up and going and I was registering for my first 8 week Bootcamp session. Couldn’t wait to share with all my friends as many of them were excited to join too.

I am now into my 2nd session and I’ve never looked back…….. I am getting stronger and my cardio has gotten so much better.

She motivates me to be better and provides a wealth of information in fitness, health, and nutrition!
If you are looking to have someone who is absolutely loveable, motivational and incredibly knowledgeable in fitness & nutrition you need to contact her today.

I feel so blessed to have her as my coach and mentor!
You are changing my life for the better!
Thank you Hannah Dawson



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