Here are all the definitions and terms for the workouts and what they mean. I use a variety of these when creating my workout programs for the FIT CLUB.

You could take the simplest exercises and challenging and fun by changing up the style in which you do it.

If you find this helpful leave me a comment below as well as if you have any questions id be happy to help.


SINGLE SET: this is only one exercise and all its reps and sets

SUPERSET: this is two exercises back to back before you can rest

TRI-SET/ GIANT SET and or CIRCUIT: this is 3 or more exercises in a row before you can rest


LADDER SETS: this is where one exercise will go up or down in reps while the other exercise will do the opposite and you would typically do these back to back until complete

EX: Exercise #1  15-12-10-8 Exercise #2  8-10-12-15

DESCENDING LADDER: this means you will have an exercise or a few that its reps or time will decrease east set or round

EX: 15-12-10-8

ASCENDING LADDER: the reps or time will increase each set or round

EX: 8-10-12-15


PYRAMID SET: this mess thee exercise reps will go up or down and then back up or down 

EX: 8-10-12-15 : 15-12-10-8


DROP SETS: this means one exercise would have a setup reps that would be broken up and decrease the weight each allotted reps or time.

EX. 15 reps ( 5-5-5) you would pick a weight you could only do 5 reps with then put it down grab a bit lighter of weight and do 5 more reps and then drop again. 

DROP SETS can be done with all different rep ranges, but if it says drop set this is typically what it means.


EMOM: this means every minute on the minute for a certain amount of reps.

EX. 10 minute EMOM 5 push ups: so you would perform 5 push ups when the first minute starts and rest until the next minute beeps.

I like to use the SMART WOD app for this

EMOM CHALLENGE: this mean you would have your exercise with the reps but after your done, you would have a challenging exercise for the remaining time until your next minute starts.

EX.  5 push ups and then runners for the remaining time


TABATA: means 20 secs on 10 secs rest for 8 rounds = 4 minutes 

EX. Squats 20 secs rest 10 secs and repeat.

There are many different ways to do a Tabata workout but this is basically how it goes. I use the SMART WOD APP for this one as well.


FOR TIME: this means you would have so many exercises with their amount of reps and round and you would try and complete it as fast as you could for time. 

EX. 5 sit-ups, 5 jump squats, 5 pushups for 5 rounds. So you would set your timer and then hit it when done and record your time


AMRAP: this means as many rounds or reps as possible.

EX. 7 min time cap to do 8 thrusters, 8 deadlifts 8 kettlebell swings 8 sit-ups. Your goal is to try and get as many rounds in the 7. Ins as possible.


ADD 2: this means each exercise every set you would add 2 reps you can also do this by decreasing by 2 each time. This goes great with an AMRAPas well.


FINISHERS: this means 7 sets of an exercise with only 30 secs rest in-between.

EX. 12 leg extensions rest 30 secs and repeat. It doesn’t always have to be 7 sets it can be 5 or 10 but it would just mean only 30 secs rest.


21’s OR ARNOLD’S: this means you would do 7 bottoms reps, 7 top reps and 7 full reps

EX. BB curls 7 halfway up, 7 halfway down, 7 full reps.


100-200’s: this means you will have exercise and a large number of reps but no sets, your goal is to break up the reps how you want or choose.

EX. 100 leg press’s ( 4 sets of 25 reps, 10 sets of 10 reps, 5 sets of 20 reps)

1 1/2 reps: this means 1 rep will = 1 rep plus 1/2 rep

EX. Squat full and then halfway and back up = 1 rep ( kinda like a small pulse is the way I like to think of it)


HIIT TRAINING: now this means high-intensity interval training. A lot of HIIT programs will look something like 1- 3mins work with 30-60 secs rest. 

But that’s not really HIIT real HIIT looks like this 20 secs- 60 secs all-out effort with 2-5 minutes rest in-between.

The reason for this is because you are literally supposed to go to your lactic acid threshold, you literally can’t do anymore. For  ATP to recover it takes 2-5 minutes depending on what the workload was.


TEMPO: the tempo in which you do the exercise, this can be a really fun way to make a workout challenge and fun.

EX. 1-0-1, 1-1-1, 1-2-1, 3-1-3

So this means 1 or whatever the number is there, either eccentric or concentric. The middle number means if you will pause with an iso hold or not and for how long and then the count in which you go back to starting position.

Again there are many tempos you could do.



STRENGTH TRAINING: 1-5 reps range

 lifting heavy loads for low reps. Specifically, the 1-5 rep range is best for gaining strength. Powerlifters tend to lift predominately in the 1-3 rep range (i.e. heavy singles, doubles and triples) for their main lifts, 4-6 sets sometimes more. Your rest times for this would be anywhere from 3-5 minutes.


This is great for building muscle and entails lifting moderate loads for moderate reps 6-15 rep range anywhere from 2-4 sets sometimes more. Your rest times for this would be anywhere from 30 secs – 2mins.

ENDURANCE TRAINING: 15 reps and above

 This means lifting lighter loads for high reps. Specifically, doing more than 15 reps per set trains muscular endurance. 1-4 sets rest times for this would be 10 secs up to 60 secs.



This honestly is all based on

  1. Your goal (SMART GOALS)
  2. Your level of fitness


  1. hannah says:

    What do all these exercise definitions mean?
    what is a superset or drop set?
    Well, I’ve listed everything you need to know right here!!

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