How to get your kids eating healthy with you

I hear more times than not from moms wanting to make a change but not wanting to do a meal plan because they don’t want to make more than one meal.

I can totally relate to this, or I should say I use to. If you are on a meal plan that your family can’t do its probably not something that you can maintain and if you can maintain it’s not realistic.

That being said if your family and yourself have not been eating healthy at all, it’s going to be an adjustment. Just like your taste buds have been spoiled so have your children’s, this takes time to change but you can retrain your taste buds back to enjoy whole healthy foods again.

It like when you’ve been eating tones of sugar and salt things, healthy can taste bland but it’s actually not! your taste buds have been overstimulated.

The healthier you start to eat the more you notice if something has too much salt or sugar and your taste buds go wild lol, but you almost crave that fresh light taste of your health food.

The fact is we as moms have a responsibility to our children’s health just as much as ours, our children need to be told what to eat just as they need to be told to brush their teeth and bath. I believe it slowly up to the parents to show your children how to eat if they have poor eating choices it’s on the parents, not the children.

Moms your children are not going to dies if they don’t eat there meal one night, we act like if we make a healthy change and our children hate it that a couple meals of them showing resistance means their going to starve, they will be fine. You mommas just keep being consistent and they will adjust and it will not only benefit their health but also you’ll probably see a change in behavior as food does affect our moods.

These tips have really helped me as a mom getting my children on a healthy eating lifestyle.

  1. Get your children involved picking the recipes( pre-pick some healthy recipes) and then show them and let them get involved. My girls loved this, they got excited about if the meals they picked were being cooked that night, haha they actually fought over what meals got chosen.
  2. If they like cookies or granola bars find recipes for that but with clean ingredients. Whatever you bake or cook ALWAYS make extra and portion it out for the next day for your children and yourself when baking healthy cookies or muffins or granola bars make extra and freeze them.
  3. When making any meals for either for dinner or yours and their lunches make sure you have PROTEIN, STARCH, FAT, VEGGIE & FRUIT.
  4. Opt for higher protein option like instead of normal yogurt pick greek yogurt.
  5. Sneak veggies in smoothies or baking 😉 I do this all the time.
  6. Get a calendar out and let them help meal plan pick snacks, lunches, breakfast, and dinners
  7. When picking meals you can swap out higher sugar, salty or fatty foods for low calorie, no sodium salts or pink Himalayan sea salt, and opt for low fat, not no fat and again add extra veggies where ever you can sneak them in.’

There you have it mommas’ give this a try and let me know what you think if you know someone this would help share!

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You can always leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

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