STARBUCKS LOVERS : Clean girl Tips

Hey, ladies, I know how much we all love Starbucks, am I right?

I love Starbucks but it’s not the best choice if you’re trying to trim the inches, and you don’t know how much and what you can have.

I have put together some tips & my rules, that I’ve been using on myself; for you, when you want to go there and not ruin all the results you’ve been working so hard for.

My Rules for Starbucks

  1. Don’t get milk or skim milk in your lattes, both have the same amount of sugar and its a lot.
  2. Instead, opt-in for nut milk or my fave if its a low carb day CREAM ask for 1/4 of your cup with cream and the rest hot water and espresso. The cream has little to no sugar, it is higher in fat but the fat won’t harm you the sugar is worse.
  3. Never get a Venti as the only thing you are getting extra is sugar and calories.
  4. Only ever get 1 pump of syrup and you have to tell them or they will put 2-5 pumps YIKES, 1 pump has 5g sugar and 20 cal.
  5. Opt. out on the topping and whip cream its just added sugar that will add to your waistline.
  6. Have one of there egg white bakes or some kind of protein with fiber before you drink your latte. this will ensure you keep your insulin levels at bay and you won’t crash after.
  7. Don’t have lattes more than a 1x week and apply the tips above and you will be on your way to your goals.

A normal Latte with skim can range between 225 cal-550 cal, 22g – 55g sugar, o fat

Use my tips from above: 125-225 cal, 5g fat – 22g fat, 0-5g sugar

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