I think Bill Withers got it right when he sang “LEAN ON ME” 
We all need somebody that’s a fact! and life is just better when you have that person you can count on…especially when it comes to your fitness goals. Who do you have to keep you accountable in your fitness goals? Do you have a trainer? Do you have your hubby or boyfriend to keep you accountable? A best friend?

Going to the gym especially for women can be hard and intimidating to do.
We can often feel insecure if we’re not sure what to do or how to exercise. Then end up staying on a cardio machine and then never want to come back because we are bored out of our mind. And of course, we can spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to the women who go there too.

It can be a very intimidating place sometimes, So why not start going with a friend?
I notice often that when I’m struggling to get motivated I love having a friend to hold me accountable and workout with me. It motivates me to actually finish the workout and you both have each other to keep accountable.  Having a workout buddy is a great way to see results because you have someone who will push you and you will be able to push them! Who’s your workout buddy?

~ and don’t forget to ALWAYS TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE~

Let’s get your week started off right with an awesome 10 minutes workout.

TIP: get an accountability partner to workout with, this will keep you motivated and on track.


You will set your timer for 10 minutes and complete the exercise and their reps and try and do as many rounds in the 10 minutes as you can.

AMRAP – means as many rounds as possible

  1. Push-ups:  7 reps
  2. Supermans: 7 reps
  3. Goblet squat: 7 reps
  4. Jump squats: 7 reps

You got this!! I believe in you and I’m excited to find out what you thought and how you did.

POST BELOW in the comments your rounds, I want to know and ills end you something special 😉


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